Oxford House Sober Living Homes

Detailed Information

Oxford House Sober Living Homes is a facility located in various locations across the United States. The homes offer a supportive and structured living environment for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Residents are provided with a safe and sober living space, as well as access to resources and support to help them maintain their sobriety. The homes are designed to help individuals transition from treatment to independent living, while still receiving the support they need to stay sober.

Types of Addictions Treated

Oxford House Sober Living Homes is designed to provide support and resources for individuals recovering from any type of addiction, including drug and alcohol addiction, as well as addiction to gambling, sex, and other behaviors. The homes offer a structured and supportive environment that encourages residents to stay sober and work towards their recovery goals. Residents are expected to participate in house meetings and other activities that promote sobriety and personal growth.


Oxford House Sober Living Homes was founded in 1975 by Paul Molloy and a group of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts in Maryland. The founders recognized the need for a safe and supportive living environment for individuals in recovery, and they created the first Oxford House to fill that need. Today, there are over 2,000 Oxford Houses across the United States, and the organization continues to be run by individuals in recovery who are committed to helping others achieve and maintain sobriety.

Amenities & Accommodation

Oxford House Sober Living Homes offers comfortable and modern facilities to patients. The accommodation includes spacious and well-appointed bedrooms, modern kitchens, and comfortable shared spaces. Patients can enjoy a range of amenities, including cable TV, high-speed internet, and laundry facilities. The facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages patients to focus on their recovery. The shared spaces are designed to encourage socialization and community building among patients. Patients can enjoy the benefits of a supportive community while receiving the care and treatment they need.

Credentials, Licenses & Regultions

Oxford House Sober Living Homes is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This accreditation demonstrates the facility’s commitment to providing high-quality care and treatment to patients. The staff members at Oxford House Sober Living Homes are highly trained and experienced professionals who have undergone rigorous training and certification programs. The facility is committed to providing ongoing training and education to its staff members to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest treatment methods and techniques. The staff members are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to patients as they work towards their recovery.

Medical Care

Oxford House Sober Living Homes does not provide medical care services, but they do offer support and resources for individuals who need medical care during their recovery. Residents are encouraged to seek medical care as needed, and the homes may provide referrals to medical professionals or treatment facilities as necessary. The primary focus of Oxford House is to provide a safe and supportive living environment that promotes sobriety and personal growth.


Oxford House Sober Living Homes accepts a variety of insurance plans. The facility works with patients and their families to help them understand their insurance coverage and to find the best possible payment options. The facility accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Patients can also pay for their treatment using private pay options. The facility offers affordable treatment options that are designed to meet the needs of patients from all walks of life.

Staff To Patient Ratio

The staff-to-patient ratio at Oxford House Sober Living Homes is impressive. The facility has a team of highly trained and experienced staff members who are dedicated to providing the best possible care and support to patients. The staff-to-patient ratio is carefully managed to ensure that each patient receives individual attention and care. This allows the staff to provide personalized treatment plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each patient. The staff members are available around the clock to provide support and assistance to patients whenever they need it.

Surroundings & Environment

The surrounding areas of Oxford House Sober Living Homes vary depending on the location, but many homes are located in or near urban areas with access to public transportation. Some homes are located in areas with natural features such as parks or lakes, and residents may have access to local attractions such as museums, theaters, and other cultural events. Public transportation options may include buses, trains, and subways, depending on the location of the home.