Mountain Treatment

Getting sober in a natural or mountain style environment has many advantages. It’s easy to slow down when you are around trees, flowers and birds. Fresh air during the day and near silence at night, promotes good sleep.  Enjoy your recovery in the mountains, you will be more relaxed because of the peace and quiet.

You will be getting sober and healthy. The clean air will help …. when you escape from the city you also avoid smog.  You will most likely spend time outdoors doing things like hiking, walking and biking. Many of the locations have beautiful views, so you can enjoy a walk in the woods.  Another great advantage to this setting is that staying in the mountains gives you more privacy.

Treatment programs vary in length. The minimum stay for recovery should be 30 days. At most rehabs a three-month stay is common, because it works. That might sound like a big commitment, but addiction recovery is not quick or easy. Also keep in mind that drug treatment isn’t over when the substance is out of the system. Working on emotional issues is also important for long-term sobriety. A longer treatment programs allows addicts take their time, work daily with experts and learn ways to cope with addiction.

The bottom line: the amount of time spent in treatment is always going to come down to the person’s unique lifestyle and needs.

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