Treating addiction is a process and not all addictions are treated the same. When someone makes the leap from casual responsible behavior to irresponsible behavior there is a reason behind it. Many drugs for example create an unbearable physical craving for more and more drugs. Whether it was a prescription for a pain pill from a valid injury or it was an illegal drug taken for recreational pleasure most drugs create a craving.


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When substance use reaches the point where an individual has a physical craving, takes more of the substance than they attended and continues to use the substance or participate in the activity despite repeated negative consequences, it’s time to seek help for addiction.

In order for an addiction treatment program to be successful, you must understand the problem of addiction........


At the heart of any substance or behavioral addiction is the reality that the object of addiction offers a biological, psychological and/or social reward. Effective treatment works with the patient to identify the reward, then structures a program to mitigate the effects, or replace the object with something less destructive. Alternative systems that challenge, engage, and satisfy the addict must be developed and implemented, not only for recovery to begin, but to “take” to avoid a relapse.

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