No Cost Rehab: Find The Right Treatment Center

I did not know where to go when I needed help for my drug and alcohol problems. I had medical insurance but it was too confusing to figure out if addiction treatment was covered. Feeling all alone, I decided to quit on my own, and I almost died. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did. That is why I created 800 Recovery Hub.

You might ask yourself “No Cost Rehab sounds too good to be true”. Here is the bottom line — everyone who contacts receives a referral for a free (no-cost) addiction treatment option. We take pride in that. We charge nothing for the service we provide. We take our payment in the form of doing what others have done for us. We pass it on.  Not all the options and guidance we offer, is for free. Not one size fits all.  But, we guarantee you will have at least one more option than you had before you contact us.  In other words, you will have received value. We feel a lot of joy because of that.

So, what do you have to lose us.  We’ll help you begin a new life.

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