Partial Hospitalization

You might hear this medical term and wonder what it means. Partial hospitalization programs are for people with an addiction that has not gotten “really bad”. Of course, a medical professional needs to make an assessment, since “really bad addiction” can be a matter of opinion. However, it’s a good fit for some. Patients attend a rehab center every day, but still live at their own home. They will typically spend some part of the day at the rehab center. There are a lot of variations, but in general, people can go home to be with their family at the end of the day.

Everyone has special circumstances. A customized treatment program is always going to be the best option. Partial hospitalization programs are excellent for people who want a little more freedom and less structure. They are also the right choice for people who have a lot of support from friends and family members. Keep in mind, many addicts need the structure that partial hospitalization provides but their families cannot.

It can be difficult to decide what to do. Our best advice is to call us. Addiction is emotional. We can give you some guidance.

Partial hospitalization for mental health

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) are for mental health disorders as well as chemical and alcohol dependency. These programs may be used as an additional option from traditional outpatient therapy or traditional inpatient mental health or chemical dependency programs. Treatment programs usually meet for four to six hours per day, allowing patients the flexibility to slowly reintegrate back into their family in the evenings.

PHP provides an intense structure each day to support patients as they slowly return to their community or begin their path into other forms of therapy. Today there are a variety of day programs available , which include family therapy, individual therapy, skills-building, medication management, recreational therapy, and process-based and psychoeducational group therapies. These therapies are used to help patients achieve or maintain their optimal level of functioning in their social, academic, vocational, interpersonal, and personal lives.

Chemical dependency PHP is designed for people who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Addiction can occur along a continuum of severity; some patients will need the constant support of inpatient detox and rehab while others are able to work on their recovery in a structured outpatient setting. For patients who do not require the level of care of an inpatient program, partial hospitalization programs are available for chemically dependent patients.

These programs usually meet, seven days a week and offers the same level of care and intensity as inpatient chemical dependency program. Chemical dependency PHP offers frequent and random drug screening to ensure patients are maintaining their sobriety while outside our doors.

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